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Go behind the scenes of 十大赌博网站登录. Explore campus life, see what an actual audition looks like, watch recent performances, view clips of our renowned alumni and much more.

的 美国 十大赌博网站登录 of 戏剧性的艺术 Introduction

Thomas Rene and Dr. Linda Brennan discuss the role Voice & Speech plays in actor training

Join Thomas Rene for a workshop on the fundamentals of using your vocal instrument

十大赌博网站登录 Alumni share their perspectives on actor training

Learn the basics about financial aid and scholarships for the 纽约 and 洛杉矶 campuses

Get an overview of 十大赌博网站登录’s offerings at our NY & 洛杉矶分校 in this evening information session

Join Mary Bleier and current 十大赌博网站登录 Students for a glimpse inside a virtual classroom

Join Chip Killingsworth as he talks to 十大赌博网站登录 faculty from both campuses

十大赌博网站登录 Alumni discuss their stories of growth and artistic success

洛杉矶 graduates share how 十大赌博网站登录 training prepared them for success on screen and stage

Susan Pilar and her students discuss what it means for an actor to “know thyself”

Run through scenework for camera with NY faculty member David Dean Bottrell

纽约 faculty, alumni, and students discuss training in the center of 美国 theatre

Maggie Low and her students invite you to their virtual acting classroom

Jennifer Mann and her class craft characters on camera in their virtual space

Join 纽约 students Henry and Hannah for an insider’s look at their campus

十大赌博网站登录 House | 纽约

Jana Lee Hamblin shares audition tips and best practices for preparation

Join Tyler Townsend and his students as they break down a scene for work on camera

洛杉矶 faculty, alumni, and students chat about learning in the heart of filmed entertainment

Tim Landfield and his students provide a virtual introduction to acting

Jane Fleiss and her class explore scenework through a virtual lens

Laura Fernandez and August take an exciting look at the 洛杉矶 campus

十大赌博网站登录 House West | 洛杉矶

Get tips from 十大赌博网站登录’s Director of 金融援助

First-hand experiences from our NY & 洛杉矶分校

的 招生 team answers some commonly-asked questions

International Student Panel